DCP001 - KILL 'Inverted Funeral' MC
limited to 250 copies

For the first time on tape, the infamous second album of Gothenburg's KILL. Nothing but pure, unrelenting Black Metal morbidity.

I. Inverted Funeral
II. Deathmessiah
III. Morbid Curse
IV. Of Anger
V. Below
VI. Summoning of Flames
VII. Violent Devastation
VIII. Anti-Cosmic Thunderstorm

Release date: November 20th, MMXIV


DCP004 - ILLUM ADORA 'Begotten - Demo 2015'
limited to 100 copies

26 minutes of pure traditional Black Metal,NON SERVIAM!
Illum Adora will lead you into confusion, misery and desolation.
Speak your last doleful prayers in hope of Blessings of a non-existing saviour and bewail your fate.

I. Begotten
II. Those No Longer There
III. Astral Wings
IV. Oderint, Dum Metuant
V. Prince Of Hell And Fire (Acid Cover)

Release date: September 12th, MMXV